Wholly Honey

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The year 2011 marked our introduction into the world of the honey bee. Having a life long fascination with self-sufficiency, beekeeping seemed like a good fit with our way of life on the Blue Ridge Plateau in Floyd County, Virginia. It has grown into far more than a hobby.

While honey bees are intriguing as individual insects, they are even more amazing as social creatures. From the division of labor to the intricacies of decision making in the hive, the degree of cooperation within a colony is astounding. As we delve into the lives of bees it opens windows into meteorology, botany, biology and our environment. It could be said that the opportunities beekeeping provides for learning have been at least as sweet as the honey the bees produce.

Our Storyyep
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There is evidence from rock art painting that honey was eaten by humans as much as 40,000 years ago. It remains the most sought after product of the hive. Our honey is strained without heating to remove particles of wax and debris while retaining naturally occurring pollen. We also harvest surplus wax which we make into candles and other products.

For beekeepers we produce grafted queens. Our queens are locally adapted and selected for honey production, gentleness and mite resistance. In addition we produce nucleus colonies available in the spring.

Finally, from time to time we offer hand made bee themed merchandise that make great gifts.